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Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend club meetings and activities.

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OARC Next Meeting/Activity 

3rd Saturday 17 April 2021 @ 9 AM (in-person club meeting)

Location: Utah Military Academy (5120 S 1050 W, Riverdale)

Topic: unknown at time of publication

Stay tuned to the Tuesday Ham & Eggs Net for updates

VE Test Session: Thursday 08 April 2021 @ 6 PM Details

Location: Utah Military Academy (5120 S 1050 W, Riverdale) 

Things you must know before you attend a VE Test Session VE Prep  (important) _______________________________

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OARC Extra Class Licensing Study (via Zoom)

Wednesdays during April/May 2021   Details  (Note: instructors needed)

Class ZOOM Link:

Meeting ID: 963 9238 7872      Passcode: 999197










HF Mobile Antenna Testing Work Shop Photo Album

HF Mobile Antenna Testing Work Shop Presentation (pdf)

 Field Day 1989 - Do you know any one?

April 202

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OARC VE Testing & Licensing Classes

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How To Become A Ham ... It Might Be Easier Than You Think!



(OARC turns 100 years old - May 2021)

Congratulations to the following OARC

2020-2021 officers

KD7GR  Mamanakis, Dave - Incumbent

Vice President: KB7LAK  Hall, Justin

Secretary: KB7FWW  Siddle, Barbara - Incumbent

Treasurer: KG7CJN    Siddle, James - Incumbent

Program Director: KJ7HEX     Wilde, Mike

Activity Director: KW7TES    Shobe, Todd 


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OARC Officers Duties and Responsibilities

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W7SU/100 website

OARC History - 100 years old (since 1921)

Founder Dr. W. G. Garner, W7SU 

OARC Centennial 100th Year Membership Certificate 1921-2021

OARC Centennial 100th Year 2021 Logo & Patch designed (November)

OARC Centennial 100th Year Polo (Golf) Shirt (January)

OARC Centennial 100th Year 2021 Patch (March)

CENTENNIAL 2021 QSL CARD CONTEST > win a $100 grand prize
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Check the OARC Membership Roster to ensure correct info for your:

Call Sign, License Class, ARRL Membership "Yes" or "No".

Email this website if you have any discrepancies. 73


Congratulations to the hams that successfully tested at the 03 February 2021 OARC Weber County VE Test Session.

see OARC VE Testing & Licensing Tab

ELMER "mentor"

Do you need the assistance of an Elmer (Ham Radio Mentor)?

Try our OARC Elmer Help Line. Ask your question via email.

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OARC Equipment Loan Program

How it works

What's available







Ogden Utah Stake Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Communications - Flag Pole J-Pole



Ham Radio Technician Course Announcement

The Davis County Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring a Technician Licensing Course.

It will be held at Layton City Office 437 Wasatch Dr., Layton 84041.

There is no cost to take the course. Pre-registration is required due to social distancing limitations.

We will be using The Technician License Course (2018-2022 Pool) book by Stu Turner. The books sell for $22.95 plus shipping if you order them online. The Davis County Amateur Radio Club has some available for $20.00 at the class.

The course starts on 28 Apr 2021 every Wednesday evening from 6:00 8:30 PM thru 26 May 2021.

For more information contact Spencer Mark at ae7io@arrl.net or 801-564-8054.



Utah Amateur Radio Club - Special Meeting Notice

April 8 (on-line) meeting: Using the Digital Text Modes

How can you work many stations all over the world with a very modest HF antenna? The answer you've been looking for might be the digital modes. At the April 8 (on-line) UARC meeting, Randy Kohlwey, WI7P, will tell us all about them including how they work, what kind of results you can expect, and what you need to start using them.

As home computers have gotten more powerful, software has been developed that will dig very weak signals out of the noise, making contacts possible that, otherwise, would have been difficult given low power, poor conditions, or low-gain antennas. Randy first became active on the FT-8 mode in October of 2017 and in that time has used it to make nearly 16,000 contacts. He will talk about his station setup, what he has been able to work using less than 100 watts, how he operates and what software he uses. If conditions allow, he will give a live demo. If the moon is high enough, he will demonstrate receiving signals with MAP65. If an amateur radio satellite is active during the presentation, he will demonstrate how he uses a Funcube Pro+ and SDRConsole to monitor transponder activity.

The meeting will be on Thursday, April 8, and will, again, be an on-line meeting. It can be accessed (along with several past meeting programs) by going to: https://www.youtube.com/c/UtahAmateurRadioClub.

The meeting will start at the usual 7:30 P.M. It should be possible to connect to it and make sure everything is working any time after 7:00. Except for July and August, UARC meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 P.M.


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