Local Area Nets

In the OARC area there are several nets conducted on a regular basis. Please feel free to "check-in" any time. Additionally, other club information in the Northern Utah area is also available.


Tuesday Evenings at 6:30 PM Mountain Time
Mt Ogden 70 cm repeater 448.600 MHz (- Offset, 123.0 PL Tone)
New, Intermediate & Old Timers. Elmering, Education, General Ham Discussion and Rag Chew
New hams encouraged to check in. Get connected, learn new things and ask questions
Questions: Larry Griffin AD7GL, ad7gl@arrl.net
                     Stan Sjol W0KP, stansjol@xmission.com


OARC 10 Meter Net

Thursday Evenings at 0200 UTC (7:00 PM MT)
10 Meters HF - 28.385 MHz SSB (USB)
Purpose is to promote activity on the 10 meter band (especially during low sunspot activity).
To give technician class operators an opportunity to operate phone, and to provide a venue for conversation and experimentation with antenna and ground wave propagation.
Questions and Net Control: Gene WB7RLX,



Thursday Evenings at 8:00 PM Mountain Time
Mt Ogden 70 cm repeater 448.600 MHz (- offset, 123.0 PL tone)
Anyone interested in learning how to operate CW (morse code) is welcome to join in.
Any skill level is welcome, from no experience at all to "want-a-be".
Here is a start: S O S = ... --- ...
Questions and Net Control: Bryce Draper KI7YZU,



OARC Area Nets

Daily 12:30 pm mt Utah Beehive Net 7.272 Mhz LSB HF net
Daily 07:30 pm mt Utah Code Net 3.570 Mhz CW HF CW net
Daily 02:00 UTC
19:00 mst: 20:00 mdt
Utah Farm Net 3.937 Mhz LSB HF net
Sun 08:45 am Ogden Old Timers Net 7.193 Mhz LSB HF net
Sun 07:30 pm GS ARC 145.430 -123.0 Training net
Sun 08:30 pm SATERN Net 146.900 -123.0  
Sun 09:00 pm Morgan Co Net 147.100 +123.0 Morgan net
Sun 09:00 pm UARC Info Net 146.620 -none Info net
Mon 09:00 pm 2-meter SSB Net 144.250 USB 2-meter SSB Net
Tue 06:30 pm Ogden ARC 448.600 -123.0 OARC Ham & Egg Net
Tue 08:00 pm Weber Co ARES 448.600 -123.0  
Tue 08:00 pm Utah VHFS Swap Net 147.120 +100.0  
Tue 09:00 pm BARC 147.260 +103.5  
Wed 07:00 pm Am-Con Northern Utah 448.600 -123.0 70 cm net
Wed 08:00 pm GS ARC 145.430 -123.0  
Wed 08:30 pm CSERG 145.770 simplex  
Wed 09:00 pm No Utah 10m Net 28.313 Mhz USB HF net
Wed 09:00 pm 6-meter SSB Net 50.125 Mhz USB 6-meter SSB net
Thu 06:30 pm Davis Co Elmers Net 147.040 +123.0 New Hams
Thu 07:00 pm Ogden ARC 28.385 MHz USB OARC 10 Meter Net
Thu 08:00 pm Ogden ARC 448.600 -123.0 OARC CW Net - SUSPENDED
Thu 08:00 pm WSU ARC 146.820 -123.0 Coming soon
Thu 08:00 pm State RACES/VHF/IRPL 145.490 -123.0 3rd Thu even months
Thu 08:30 pm Davis Co ARES 147.420 simplex 449.925 -100
Thu 09:00 pm Wasatch Back Net 147.360 +100.0 Summit Co ARC
Sat 08:00 am State HF RACES 3.920 Mhz LSB HF net 3rd Sat odd months
Sat 11:00 am QCWA Net 7.272 Mhz LSB HF net

Updated 29 September 2020