Ham and Eggs Net


Net Outline and Preamble

Repeater Etiquette

OARC HAM and EGGS Net       

Tuesday Evenings at 6:30 PM Mountain Time

Mt Ogden 70 cm repeater 448.600 MHz (- offset, 123.0 PL tone)

New, Intermediate & Old Timers. Elmering, Education, General Ham Discussion and Rag Chew.

New hams encouraged to check in. Get connected, learn new things and ask questions.

Net Control Operators

Larry Griffin (AD7GL) ad7gl@arrl.net

Stan Sjol (W0KP) stansjol@xmission.com

Kenny Pronschinske (KI7UFN) kennypron@hotmail.com

Bryce Draper (KI7YZU) brycejill@outlook.com

Updated 1 January 2024