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The Ogden Amateur Radio Club, Inc., (OARC) is a non-profit organization for the purpose of fellowship of amateur radio operators, advancement of the radio art, and community and emergency service. OARC is organized with four  elected officers, two directors, and appointed committee chairs.

OARC members come from the Weber County area located in Northern Utah. OARC maintains four repeaters with wide area coverage for use by any licensed amateur radio operators. Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend club meetings and/or Join OARC.

Also a little about the history of the Ogden Amateur Radio Club and its beginning follows including OARC by-laws and operational documents. Send your comments and suggestions to the OARC webmaster.


Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend club meetings and activities.

Complimentary Membership free for the remainder of first year (thru August) licensed.

Then membership is only $15 per year. OARC fiscal year is from August to August. We have not had a membership dues increase since year 2000. Come join the fun.

JOIN: Refer to Join OARC for details to join or renew your membership. Remember, anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend club meetings and/or join OARC.

NOTE: You may also want to become a member of ARRL. Consider joining ARRL through OARC and receive a free one year membership in OARC. Fill out this form, joining ARRL through OARC, and bring/send it to OARC.

The club publishes a monthly e-Magazine "Watts News" available on this website. You can also view our club "Membership Roster" on line. Review the OARC Club Tri-fold Brochure & Membership Application.


Our club amateur radio call sign is W7SU. The call sign is that of a former club founder and member, William G. Garner, who is now a silent key.

Learn more about our clubs (SIG) special interest group called (ARCS6), a "Top of Utah 6 Meter Group" of the mid 60's and the original K7-Hamsters reunion.
See what the OARC "member information manual - historical document" looked like in 1989.

OARC is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation 501(c7) but is not registered as a "Charity" Corporation.


OARC Meetings 12 Month View Yearly Calendar

OARC Meetings/Activities History/Future Meeting Log


OARC Commemorative Edition - by Kent Gardner WA7AHY

OARC was born in May 1921. Learn more about our clubs fascinating "HISTORY"

OARC became an ARRL affiliated club: 30 January 1937

OARC FCC License History


OARC Officers: Meet your Current Club Officers

OARC Officers: Review Club Officers and Volunteers since 2004


OARC Officers DETAIL Duties and Responsibilities

OARC Officers BRIEF Duties and Responsibilities

Oarc By-Laws Re-Ratified March 2016

Oarc Articles of Inc ratified November 2014  

Oarc Cert of Reg Utah 2014  

MOU Agreement between  Weber County and OARC  

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