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OARC O'bay New Postings Wanted.



Liquidating world-class amateur radio station (Mike Petz W7DNI)


Brand Model Nomenclature Asking
Yaesu FT-450AT HF/50MHz Transceiver                       NIB $400
ICOM IC-2730 Tranceiver $225
ICOM ICT7H Handheld Transceivers (2 available) $80 ea
ICOM IC-AT180 External Auto Antenna Tuner $200
ICOM ICSM20 Mic $100
ICOM IC3PA Power Supply $50
Heil Proset-IC Headset $120
Heil Proset 3 Headset $100
Astron SS-30M Power Supply $250
Astron RS-30M Power Supply $150
MFJ 269 Antenna Analyzer $125
MFJ MFJ-260B Dummy Load, 300W, 0-150MHz  NIB $50
MFJ MFJ-418 Morse Code Tutor                                  NIB $90
MFJ MFJ-461 Morse Code Reader                              NIB $90
MFJ MFJ-557 Code Practice Oscillator $30
West Mountain Rigblaster Pro Control Interface $100
Alpha Delta Delta 2B 2 position Coaxial Switch w/gnd $40
Home Built   2M Tape Measure Fox Hunt Antenna $10
    Clampable Desk Lamp $10

ASKING PRICE: $ (reference chart above)

NOTE: Only serious interest enquiries

CONTACT: If sincerely interested in what is available, please contact Dee Dostaler W7DEE at bdrr@msn.com 


FOR SALE: Collins 30L1 Amp

More Pics >>> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11Xt8WPS6u7BaP7-TBmsuNPyOiVkCIGOs?usp=sharing

I purchased it from a ham in Iowa, Bob Seely, WA0VLC a couple of years ago. He actually worked at Collins. It worked as advertised and I have used it infrequently mainly because I have not been on the air as much as I would like to. Last time I fired it up was about a year ago. I drove it with my Kenwood TS-2000 and I believe 70 watts in gave 700+ out. If someone is interested in purchasing it and wants to fire it up, I will be happy to assist. It is currently set up for 110V but can be converted to 220. 

This is a very clean Amp. Original manual in excellent condition.


CONTACT: Ed McKenney, AA1ZK, 860-729-8986, Eden Utah


FOR SALE: Misc Antenna: equipment, parts, cables, etc. (donated to OARC)

REFER TO CHART: Donation Inventory

ASKING PRICE: $ Make Offer $ (as a donation to your club)

CONTACT: Gene Morgan WB7RLX, 801-540-4907, ee_morgan@outlook.com

Updated 30 May 2023