Licensing Classes & OARC VE Test Sessions

VE test sessions are your opportunity to become a ham, or upgrade your current license. Exam sessions are held in Ogden every few months, usually the first Wednesday in February, June, and October. Other sessions are held often in the region. It is possible to find a test session every month somewhere in northern Utah or southeastern Idaho. 

Amateur Radio Training Aids

How To Become A Ham ... It Might Be Easier Than You Think! 
(revised Jan 2020)

Study Guides

Practice Tests - (free online exam practice tests)

https://youtu.be/n8RK1REvIpI   By Kathryn Sutton K8RYN



CW (Morse Code)


  • KE0OG (Tech Training Video)
  • KE4GKP (Tech Training Video)
  • W4EEY (Tech Training Video)


  • HamRadioExam (Apple/Andriod)

Next OARC TECH Class License Study:

OARC Tech Class License Study (via Zoom) >>> September 2021 - each Wednesday - 7 to 9 PM

       NOTE: Sorry about the technical difficulties this past Wednesday. Class will resume next Wednesday with make-up strategies in place. 

    OARC Zoom Class (updated):  https://zoom.us/j/91564766781?pwd=cHoxWFRxaWhJbFcwUlltZ1FlQTUrUT09   Meeting ID: 915 6476 6781  Passcode: 364441

    TECH Class Study Guide (WB7RLX)  (zip)  

    NOTE: Instructors Needed (contact Justin Hall KB7LAK)    

Zoom class 5 week course outline study guide. Optional lesson manual text book (see below).

No pre-enrollment required. However if you desire or have any questions, send an email to w7su@arrl.net with subject = "class".

Note: A special VE Test Session will follow each licensing study class (see below)

Optional lesson manual text book: Stu Turner W0STU "HamRadioSchool.com Technician License Course"  (buy online at Amazon.com)

Optional lesson manual text book: Stu Turner W0STU "HamRadioSchool.com General License Course" (buy online at Amazon.com)

Note: Free online learning media at: www.HamRadioSchool.com

Lesson Manual: Stu Turner - HamRadioSchool.com - Tech License Course

Lesson Manual: Stu Turner - HamRadioSchool.com - General License Course

Good things to know! Tech Pool ErrataGeneral Pool Final ReleaseExtra Pool ErrataLicense Pool Test Stats


VP - Justin Hall KB7LAK

Next OARC Weber County VE Test Session

VE Test Session: Wednesday 06 October 2021 @ 6 PM

Location: Utah Military Academy (5120 S 1050 W, Riverdale)  MAP

Things you must know before you attend a VE Test Session: VE Prep (important)

New Location: Utah Military Academy - 5120 S 1050 W Riverdale UT 84405

Exam sessions are usually held the first Wednesday in February, June, and October.

New Location: Utah Military Academy - 5120 S 1050 W Riverdale UT 84405

More information posted below. All Covid-19 safety precautions observed!

Congratulations to those that successfully tested at the
02 June 2021 Ogden Weber County VE Test Session:

NAME                                   CALL                      CLASS

Fallow, Rick S.                    KF7VAW              EXTRA

Hall, Justin L.                      KB7LAK               EXTRA

Pike, Colleen G.                  KJ7EAY                EXTRA

Taylor, Michael E.              AI7HY                     EXTRA

Stokes, Mark R.                  KJ6JHU                GENERAL

Felt, Shelley L.                    KJ7ZID                  TECH



VE Liaison - Rick Morrison W7RIK w7rik@arrl.net (801-791-9364) 

VE Co-Liaison - Gil Leonard NG7IL gil.ng7il@gmail.com

  VE IT Assistant - Jason Miles KE7IET            

Note: Walk-ins allowed

Cost: $14.00
Bring: Two forms of ID, one of which must be a picture ID.
For "Upgrades" bring current license and a copy of current license, and any CSCE's.

The test fee is charged just once, no matter whether you take any one, two, or all three test elements.
Re-tests of an element failed at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee.

Most calculators are allowed. Calculator memories must be cleared before use.


Upcoming ARRL VEC-listed sessions within 100 miles of Ogden.

Renew your license for free here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/

The renewal process is described in a bit of detail on this page:

Updated 26 May 2021