10 Meter Net

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                                                        OARC 10 meter WAS Award - rules :

                                                               Award Winners = Pete Heisig (AI7GV) ...

                                                                (1st award winner received two ARRL publications (see above) - donated by Max - NG7M )

                                                        OARC 10 on 10 Award - rules :

                                                               Award Winners = AD7GL, K7AHD, W7RIK, KF7VAW, NG7M, KZ70, AI7GV, KJ7DAD, NG7IL, K7MPK, KI7UFN, KE7DOA
                                                                                               KZ7O, N7SHA, W0GOP, ...

                                                        Net Outline and Preamble

                                                        22 - Record number of check-ins (25 March 2021), 19 check-ins (18 November 2021)

OARC 10 Meter Net

Thursday Evenings at 7:00 PM Mountain Time

10 Meters HF - 28.385 MHz SSB (USB)

Purpose is to promote activity on the 10 meter band (especially during low sunspot activity).

To give technician class operators an opportunity to operate phone, and to provide a venue for conversation and experimentation with antenna and ground wave propagation.

    Questions and Net Control: Gene WB7RLX, ee_morgan@outlook.com 

Updated 09 April 2022