VE Test Session

Things you must know prior to attending a VE Test Session

NCVEC FORM 605 <<< click to open


Fill out attached form per instructions, the NCVEC Form 605 is a fillable form please type your information into the 605 Form on your computer and Print the form when complete.


1.    If not previously registered go to the FCC web site and register for a FRN.               



Note; If you come to the VE Test session without a FRN you will be required to use your SSN on the NCVEC Form 605.


2.     Fill out SECTION 1 of the 605 (Line by Line instructions)

         All this information is required.

a.       Enter your last name, First Name, M.I. If you have a current Amateur Radio license enter    

your call sign, if not leave Call Sign block blank

b.      Enter your Mailing address or P.O. Box, the next box is for your FRN, if you do not have a FRN use your SSN.

c.       Enter City, State, Zip Code, and Phone Number

d.      Enter your email address

3.     Answer the Basic Qualification Question

4.     In the I here By Apply for section:

a.   If you do not have a Amateur Radio license check the box for EXAMINATION for a new

      license grant

              b.   If you are Upgrading your License check the box for EXAMINATION for upgrade of my license 


5.     Read the I certify that

6.     Sign and Date the form when you come to the test session

7.     Leave the rest of the 605 Form Blank

8.     Print the Form 605

9.     Bring the Form 605 with you to the test session.

10.   Location: check the club web site for current test location information.


Cash is preferred method of payment the test session, no credit cards.










Updated 10 February 2021