"T"- Hunt + Breakfast in the Park  

Date: 3rd Saturday, 20 July 2019
Time: 8:00 AM start time (start from your home)
FREQUENCY >>> 145.41
MHz simplex


Location: Weber County (West of Mtns) and will be located in a Park somewhere within the county.
Activity: "T"- Hunt followed by Breakfast in the Park (locate the bunny and then enjoy a free breakfast)

Details: The bunny will be hiding in one of the PARKS in the greater Ogden area, probably one with a bowery.

Over-the-Air Hints: Call in on 146.90 (Mt Ogden repeater) for hints - if you need them.
Give Up?: Call in on 146.82 (Little Mountain repeater) for the bunny and breakfast location.

FREQUENCY >>> 145.41 MHz simplex : Monitor 146.90 repeater for info          

Hone your skills at tracking down the location of the hidden transmitter. It will require a bit of skill and will require driving, so bring a designated driver to assist you with the challenging activity. There will be a prize for the first contestant to locate the hidden transmitter.

You can hunt the fox with your HT and a paper clip. Hold the unit down close to your chest and pirouette around and find the direction where the signal sounds the weakest. If the signal is full quieting, de-tune the radio 5 or 10 kHz until some noise is heard with the signal. When you have found the direction of weakest-sounding signal, the signal is coming from behind you. This is the direction from which your body provides the most attenuation.


Updated 01 July 2019