Licensing Classes & VE Test Sessions

VE test sessions are your opportunity to become a ham, or upgrade your current license. Exam sessions are held in Ogden every few months, usually the first Wednesday in February, June, and October. Other sessions are held often in the region. It is possible to find a test session every month somewhere in northern Utah or southeastern Idaho.

How To Become A Ham ... It Might Be easier Than You Think!

Tech Study Guide (KB6NU) ... www.KB6NU.com/study-guides

Amateur Radio Training Aids

Next OARC Licensing Class: >>> January 2019

Next VE Test Session: in Weber County ...

 VE Test Session >>> 1st Wednesday 06 June 2018 @ 6:00 PM @ Weber Co Sheriff Office

Exam sessions are held in Ogden, usually the first Wednesday in February, June, and October.

Weber County Sheriff Office - Training room
721 West 12th Street, Ogden UT


Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend club meetings and activities.

Complimentary Membership free for the remainder of first year licensed.

Then membership is only $15 per year. Come join the fun.

Contact: VE Liaison - Rick Morrison W7RIK (morrisonri@msn.com (801-791-9364)
                          (IT) - Jason Miles KE7IET                

Note: Walk-ins allowed

Cost: $14.00
Bring: Two forms of ID, one of which must be a picture ID. For "Upgrades" bring current license and a copy of current license, and any CSCE's.

The test fee is charged just once, no matter whether you take any one, two, or all three test elements.
Re-tests of an element failed at the same test session will require payment of an additional test fee.

Most calculators are allowed. Calculator memories must be cleared before use.

Upcoming ARRL VEC-listed sessions within 100 miles of Ogden.

Renew your license for free here: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/

The renewal process is described in a bit of detail on this page:

Take a practice test at QRZ or AA9PW to see how close you are to passing the Technician, General, or Extra Class test.

Updated 20 May 2018