On The Air Net Meeting March 2020

Photos by ... selfies  

NG7IL Gil - Operating from the field - before the net, practicing net control maneuvers

AD7GL Larry - Operating from a backup location - his garage

K7HCP Val - with auxiliary ham radio hat

WB6WGS Pete - quite relaxed operating position 

NG7IL Gil - W7SU Net Control
Yaesu FT3DR with data microphone and a blistering 300 milliwatts

NG7IL Gil - 300 milliwatts pointed towards Mt Ogden
Arrow Dual band Yagi antenna on a tripod

NG7IL Gil - Station Setup Net Control
Kenwood TH-F6 handheld for backup and Auxiliary Lithium ion battery power

KD7GR Dave - Operating from his 2nd home, his truck

KJ7HEX Mike - Running battery solar powered while logging for net control

KE7DOA Tim - FT-7800 and all on battery power from the Goal Zero Yeti