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Some links that you may find interesting ...

*** Suggested Links (suggested by interested parties) ***

Allied Electronics web site

Amateur Radio Scanners web site

Antennas.us (Specialty & Custom Antennas & Radio Communications related Electronics)

Calling with Wireless Telegraphy (history of wireless telegraphy)

Cheap Ham web site

Good Radio Stuff  RF Cafe.com web site

Ham and HiFi - Wants to buy your Vintage Equipment & Tubes (HamAndHiFi.com)

Ham Gadgets (hamgadgets.com)

Ham Radio Resourse Guide web site

History of the Radio web site

History of the Telegraph

Hobby Tron Electronic Toys

HSC Electronic Supply Ham radio kits

LEDs web site

Nifty Accessories Nifty Ham Accessories

PhotoQSLs (K7NM)

Premier Vehicle Installation (radios professionally installed in your vehicle)

Radio & Electronics Emporium web site

US Repeaters web site

Weather Shack (weathershack.com)

Zip Police Scanners + more web site


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Updated 11 September 2015